Clementine Gasser



Audio-Visual Work by Bernhard Loibner with Clementine Gasser | Mikołaj Trzaska

The latest piece he created is titled Meltdown and is the first one done for video and live music. The piece combines at 42 minutes of textural, abstract video with abstract electronic live music. For the video part of Meltdown some sequences of an old b&w film by the french philospoher Guy Debord were digitally reprocessed and resynthesized where the reprocessing refers to ideas Debord used in his original film. He called this technique « détournement », the recontextualisation of various elements of other films, TV advertising etc. to create new combinations and open new insights being built out of these "detourned" elements.

The electronic live music part of the piece does reflect the textural nature of the visual elements but still has to be much more than background music for the visuals. It does develop a life of its own and raises the stimulus of the observer in a significant way by creating a dense atmosphere. Meltdown has first been presented at the Moving Closer Festival in Warsaw, Poland in June 2007.

Bernhard Loibner  live-electronics, processed bass guitar & videoprojection
Clementine Gasser cello | Mikołaj Trzaska saxophone, bass clarinet
music by Bernhard Loibner in collaboration with Clementine Gasser | Mikołaj Trzaska

►  08 march 2009, Festival artacts 09, Musik Kultur St. Johann, Alte Gerberei, 6380 St. Johann Tyrol/Austria 
►  21 may 2008 at the festival Klang Rausch at Essl Museum, Klosterneuburg/Austria, premiere of the Trio version

     In co-operation with the festival musik aktuell - neue musik in nö 2008: MUSIK:MACHT:MEDIEN:
     and the Polish Institute Vienna

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