Clementine Gasser




For two actors and cellist

By Bogusław Schaeffer (PL)

Theatrical concert, concert theatre

I like to imagine a comical and disquieting world.
In this world I see myself, you, the others – everyone: without exception ... (Schaeffer)

Three lecterns, three scores, three chairs, three slightly 'crazy' people. Toying with logic, illogicality, abstraction, concentration. The FRAGMENT, for two actors and cellist by the contemporary polish composer Bogusław Schaeffer is an early radical example of instrumental theatre which has art itself as its chosen theme.

The piece, partly experimental in character, is derived from an open musical form, and sections of, usually short, dialogue are its essence. The two actors, addressing each other by a new name progressing along the alphabet in every section, lead conversations whose themes constantly change and take directions that are partly unexpected, partly poetico-philosophical, and partly funny. Despite the reduced level of communication, often characterised by a lack of understanding and interest – or, perhaps, even because of it – the dialogue offers a high degree of diverse and metaphorical profundity. The intermezzos of the cellist, i.e. the actor speaking through her instrument, range in mood from the lyrical to the grotesque and go beyond the notion of a concert to include theatrical elements, while the actors, on the other hand, perform a musical score.

    Directed by Susanna Tabaka-Pillhofeer
Jan Tabaka

Clementine Gasser
Ole Georg Graf

Production by Theater Tanto Vienna

Photo © Daniel Kundi



  Premiere: 09 may 2010, Klangforum Wien, Diehlgasse 51, 1050 Vienna/Austria
  Additional performances on 10, 11 may 2010

Festival brücken10 Brücken in die Gegenwart in co-operation with Kunsthaus Mürz
►  19 june 2010, Pillhofer-Skulpturenhalle, 8692 Neuberg an der Mürz/Austria