Clementine Gasser


Wild Chamber Trio – CD-Review 10.000 Leaves
Gianni Mimmo, Elisabeth Harnik and Clementine Gasser
Freejazz-Collective Steve Mossberg may 2012

english version

With a dry slap of the tongue and the warble of a Japanese bamboo flute, soprano saxophonist Gianni Mimmo leads the way into 'Atomic Heart'. Clementine Gasser’s 5-string cello rustles the leaves, brushing against the pianistic wind chimes of Elisabeth Harnik. We are drawn into a protean soundscape that is brash, lawless, frequently off-putting, but consistently engaging.

Such is the nature of '10.000 Leaves', the premiere recording from the Wild Chamber Trio, a cross-European meeting of the Italian Mimmo, Swiss Gasser, and Austrian Harnik. This is the freely improvised sound of three great musicians on a 52-minute joyride through the land of jazz energy and classical sonority without a road map. [...]

'10.000 Leaves' is an exciting debut, a reminder of the vitality of 'chamber' improvisation, and a document of masterful free music making. Highly recommended.